Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe - Dalibor Talajić, Cullen Bunn

I picked up the first issue of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe today, and I’m somewhat underwhelmed. Perhaps I have higher expectations because Deadpool is my favorite out of all the Marvel heroes which gets me all nitpicky. My biggest gripe with this issue is the catalyst that drives Deadpool to kill his fellow Marvelians. That’s the first thing that came to people’s mind when they first caught wind of this series. “What? Deadpool is going to kill not just a couple Marvel characters, but the UNIVERSE? Oh shit! What could ever be the motive!?” With this series being set in an alternate universe (more alternate than all the alternate of all alternate universes) and going for shock factor, the creators have a lot of room to be grueling and explore the sinister Deadpool that we’re familiar with in past series. And they did a pretty good job at bringing the gore factor. There’s blood on damn near every other page.


Cutting to the plot line, Deadpool is being dragged to a mental institution by his fellow X-Men. They cannot put up with his derangement no longer so we see Professor X handing him off to a Dr. Benjamin Brighton who later reveals to be… Drum roll, please… Psycho-Man fresh out of the microverse! The lame, loser villain from Fantastic Four. And speaking of Fantastic Four, they completely get slaughtered by Deadpool in the first few pages. Completely. Turns out Psycho-Man has an agenda to take over and rid the world (or macroverse?) of its superheroes with his army of patients who have been conditioned and brainwashed to kill. All it took was a switch of a “control box” for Deadpool to kneel over in pain and the voices in his head start taking on a chilling, wicked tone. Well, Psycho-Man needs to return his control box to Best Buy because even though Deadpool has taken on another demeanor, he fights off orders and end up killing the little shit, micro midget. His death is hilarious, by the way.

That leaves me with my gripe. Why is brainwashing the chosen driving force behind Deadpool’s initiative to epically annihilate the Marvel Universe? I think we can all agree that wanting to pick off Marvel superheroes one by one wouldn’t be entirely out of his character, and it’s one of the reasons why he is so popular among his fans. He is the antihero, he is the outcast, he is the cynic. Why not let him wreck havoc and bloodshed on his own accord without external factors like brainwashing? That would make the series so much more badass. Not a possessed Wade Wilson, but one who is fully aware of this undertaking and even better if the writer gives him an agenda for revenge. Minor qualms aside, this miniseries looks very promising on delivering thrill and the less cartoony, more gritty Deadpool that we are drawn to. Let’s see how the plot plays out!